What is a Corrugated Pipe?

What is a Corrugated Pipe?

A Corrugated Pipe is a tube or a pipe with the parallel ridges at its surface. The Corrugated Pipe features the ridges and grooves the upper portion of it and is manufactured mostly of steel and HDPE (High density Polyethylene).

Corrugated Pipe

Features of Corrugated Pipes

The following are the salient features of the Corrugated Pipes:
  • These Corrugated Pipes can be lined or coated
  • Mostly used in drains
  • Features the high flexibility and durability
  • Have the high degree of corrugation
  • Abrasion is at its minimum level in case of plastic ones at the inner wall

Applications of a Corrugated Pipe

The corrugated pipe has several application field areas. Below mentioned are those:
  • At places like drains, where the flexibility, strength and durability matters a lot
  • At places like Culverts and storm drains, under the bridges and flyovers

Advantages of Corrugated Pipes

The salient features of the Corrugated Pipes make it high applicable product meant to serve various purposes all over. Here are the advantages of the Corrugated Pipes:
  • The high degree of corrugation associated with the Corrugated pipe
  • Bears a long life and is generally rated with the life span of 50 years, 75 years and 100 years
  • Since, these pipes are too flexible, they can be used with much ease in places like drains etc.
  • Reduces the costing of the underground activities over the years.
  • Light in weight
  • Less leakage and infiltration
  • Offers less chance of damage during the handling and even during the storage
  • They can easily withstand the natural pressure of the above and thus suffer less cracks and damages
  • The manufacturing involves less raw material and thus each corrugated pipe manufactured, is a less damaging to the environment
  • The corrugated pipe can be recycled
  • Installation requires no heavy duty equipments
  • Offers a good joining aspects and thus chances of leakage through the joints is negligible


The Corrugated Pipes are a great asset for the drainage and underground applications and prove to be very cost effective in the long run. These have very high quality features and are very versatile ones.

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