How to Install Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe

Be it professional services or maintain your own home, there are many things that demand your attention. One such critical factor for maintenance is “Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe.” From professional builders, to novice contactors to DIYers; understanding how to install corrugated Plastic drain pipe is important for finesse in the project. Now, you need expert guidance and this is exactly what we offer. We have made you this guide that helps you understand the nitty-gritty of installing a corrugated plastic drain pipe perfectly. However, before we start, it is important to understand “Corrugated plastic pipe”. So, let’s start:

What is a Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe?

Made of flexible plastic, corrugated plastic drain pipes are used for effective drainage system at homes, offices or other buildings. They are long pipes with various measurements of their inside diameters. The measurement ranges from 4 inches to 18 inches.  As the name suggests, these pipes have long corrugations along the length of their body. There are two major variants of these pipes- solid and perforated.

You can get a pipe according to your needs. The hardware stores cut pipes according to your needs and suitability.

Uses of Corrugated Drain Pipes:

Solid corrugated drain pipes make the base of tour drainage system. They are connected with one another to make water systems work. However, if you are using corrugated perforated drain pipes, which has tiny holes in one side of their body, the use depends upon whether you want the water to come in or leak out of the pipes. Their primary uses include keeping groundwater away from the foundation of a building. They can also be used to prevent a number of water damages, seepage, leakages and more. These pipes are also a wonderful mean to drain water clogged in the fields or in homes.

The most advantageous use of perforated drainage pipe is in sewage tank fields. The engineers use these pipes to floe the clarified liquid. As the material pushes through the pipes, the clarified water is spread over the septic field through the corrugations.

How to Install Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe?  

Coming to the main subject, let us now discuss the installation process of corrugated pipe. Depending upon the usage, there are many processes to install corrugated pipes If you are looking forward to installing a corrugated drain pipe for a French drain, you have to choose either installing it under the floor or fitting it under the ground on the outer side of the foundation. These two methods have their own uses. While the former prevents water from entering the basement, the latter ensures that all the water on the surface is trapped and drained into a sump pump.

Both the options portray their own pro and cons. An external French drain is durable and last for decades but they are exposed to the problem of clogging. Most of the time, you have to perform a manual excavation to clear the clogging, this will surely demand to damage the supporting structure. If you choose internal French drain works best when you install a sump pump with it, this sump pump is made of delicate plastic which is again easily breakable. Also, you need to install a battery with the sump pump for best functionality. For both the methods, here are the methods of installation:

Installing External French Drains:
  • Choose the area for installing the drain pipe, it must have a downward slope as much as possible.
  • Now dig a trench measuring 6’X 24”.
  • Pound the surrounding soil with a wooden log to make the surroundings compact.
  • Fill the trench with gravel to form a two-inch layer.
  • Now cut the corrugated pipe according to the length of the trench.
  • Place the cut corrugated perforated pipe inside the trench ensuring the holes are facing downward.
  • You can either fic a sump pump to elevate the functionality or let gravity do its job.
  •  Cover the pipe with gravel and stop when you have one-inch space between the gravel and the ground.
  • You can now fill it with soil or let it as it is.

Installing Interior French Drains:

  • You must cut through the ground and remove the concrete.
  • Fill the trench with gravel and make a thick layer.
  • Lay the drain pipe on top of the gravel and connect the pipe to the pit holding water.
  • Cover the trench with gravel.
Wrapping up:

It is important to take an advice from an expert before you choose between corrugated drain pipes in French drains for best results. Now that you know how to install corrugated plastic drain pipe, get started with your project.