Features and Advantages of Barricade Tapes

Most of the times when you visit any government building or a site that is under construction, you may have noticed a series of colorful tapes tied at different boundaries. These tapes are known as barricade tape. They are highly resilient, durable and made of thick, tear-proof plastic and come in varied measurements- both thickness and length. The choice of variety of barricade tape to use depends upon the manufacturer or the authority using it. Barricade tapes are alternatively known as caution tape or warning tape.

Different types of Caution Tapes:

Barricade tapes are distinguished on two primary factors- use and color. It is important to use right type of tape for the right purpose to ensure compliance of rules. On the basis or usage there are 5 prime type of tapes-

  • Construction tape
  • Hazard Tape/ Caution Tape
  • Traffic Control Device Tape
  • Police Tape or Law Enforcement Tape
  • Firefighter Tape

On the basis of color, barricade tapes can be distinguished in 5 types which are:

  • Red- identifies fire, danger or a stop sign
  • Orange- used for raising warnings
  • Yellow- this indicates caution
  • Green- it identifies a location that is used to stock safety equipment
  • Blue- Blue barricade tapes are used to identify information signs.

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Benefits of using barricade tapes:

Barricades tapes are an important safety aid that is used for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, there use is mandatory and guided by a variety of rules and regulations. The major benefits of barricade tapes include:

  • Safety Measures:

This is the most common use of barricade tapes that is also beneficial to the highest extent. Organizations use barricade tapes to mark certain sites that are prone to hazards. This includes construction sites, accident sites on the road, any electrical panel with open wiring or any other area that exposes a risk to human health and well-being.

  • Driving Flow:

Many organizations like banks, hospitals and government institutes use caution tapes to ensure flow of processes. This include keeping people in a queue and guiding the route to certain offices.

  • Restricting the flow:

Just like assisting in driving the traffic, caution tapes are also used to restrict the flow of the traffic. In case there is some restricted site that must not be accessed by anyone unauthorized, these tapes are used to identify it.

  • Health & Safety Compliance:

There are many regulatory authorities that supervise the functioning of different industries. These bodies direct the use of barricade tapes as an essential measure for health & safety. Barricades tapes are widely used safety tool in most of the industries. Now that you know the classification and the benefits of their use, ensure that you buy the right tape for the right purpose.