Benefits and Essentials of Putting Utility Wired Underground

Utility wires while being of great use for a house, are also a great spoiler to the face of your property. If you are anyhow planning to remodel your house or starting any other project, burying the utility wires underground to improve workability or update existing services.

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Features and Advantages of Barricade Tapes

Most of the times when you visit any government building or a site that is under construction, you may have noticed a series of colorful tapes tied at different boundaries. These tapes are known as barricade tape. They are highly resilient, durable and made of thick, tear-proof plastic and come in varied measurements- both thickness and length. The choice of variety of barricade tape to use depends upon the manufacturer or the authority using it. Barricade tapes are alternatively known as caution tape or warning tape.

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DWC The Pipe For Next Generation

Double wall corrugated pipe or Dwc pipe is slowly gaining its popularity for the construction purpose. Most of the companies prefer DWC pipes for the underground drainage system and fibre electric cable network. DWC is a low-cost product with the excellent quality solution. The study revealed that because of its low cost and high lifespan most of the construction companies prefer DWC pipes.

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How to Install Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe

Be it professional services or maintain your own home, there are many things that demand your attention. One such critical factor for maintenance is “Corrugated Plastic Drain Pipe.” From professional builders, to novice contactors to DIYers; understanding how to install corrugated Plastic drain pipe is important for finesse in the project. Now, you need expert guidance and this is exactly what we offer. We have made you this guide that helps you understand the nitty-gritty of installing a corrugated plastic drain pipe perfectly. However, before we start, it is important to understand “Corrugated plastic pipe”. So, let’s start:

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Warning & Caution Tapes: Reduces Work Place Injuries

Workplace safety is one of the most critical factors that determine the productivity of any facility. The safer the facility, the more dedication can be expected from the worker as they do not have to worry about their wellbeing. There are various government laws that enforce strict workplace safety guidelines and often audits and conducted to ensure the compliance. However, on ethical grounds, it must not make any difference whether or not a company faces compulsion from any authority to maintain workplace safety measure, providing a safe environment to work is the primary responsibility of every facility owner.

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An insight to Manufacturing of best quality Products by Jagannath Industries

Involved in the manufacturing of several products in the form of the Fiber optic Duct Coupler, Simplex Plug, End Plug, SWC Pipe, Caution tape and various other as such products, the Jagannath Industries has imbibed its fame and name at the core of the heart of several industries involved. The products as manufactured by the Company are of prime quality and available at the lowest price, each product by the Jagannath Industries deserves the applause. Here is a list of the products as manufactured by the company:

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Features and Advantages of DWC (Double Wall Corrugated) Pipe

It has been observed that the use of the double wall corrugated pipe is on the rise. The industries involved in the use of such pipes are now more conscious on how to save bucks with the installation and use of the best products for their various activities. Such is the case of the dual wall drainage pipe. As per the study, it has been seen that this product has been the first preference for the industries for the purpose of laying drainage works, or sewage works. Here, at Jagannath Industries, one of the leading dwc pipe manufacturer, we educate you on what are the salient features of the hdpe corrugated pipe and how much advantageous, they are!

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HDPE Corrugated Pipes for Cable Protection & Sewer Drainage Systems

Jagannath Industries is a renowned corrugated pipe manufacturer, exporter and supplier company in India offering a wide range of HDPE pipes including single wall corrugated pipe and double wall corrugated pipes for cable protection, sewer drainage and structural post-tensioning applications. Apart from being a well-established corrugated pipe exporter, Jagannath Industries is also into manufacture of duct accessories like pipe couplers, push fit coupler, end plug, end cap and duct cable sealing plug, warning tape, luminaire and street light pole, electrical panel, safety helmets, safety shoes, safety cones and safety jackets in India. We can supply the finest range of high density polyethylene pipe polymers in various sizes according to the needs of our customers.

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Couplers & Ball Valves – The Most Essential Pipe Fittings for Any Piping System

Pipes are nothing without their essential companions, “The Pipe Fittings”. Yes, this is very true as piping or plumbing systems cannot be made without proper connections and right fitting accessories. Hence, fittings are the most essential accessories for any piping system that needs connecting pipes in different ways to make a complete and reliable liquid flow system.

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