HDPE Corrugated Pipes for Cable Protection & Sewer Drainage Systems

Jagannath Industries is a renowned corrugated pipe manufacturer, exporter and supplier company in India offering a wide range of HDPE pipes including single wall corrugated pipe and double wall corrugated pipes for cable protection, sewer drainage and structural post-tensioning applications. Apart from being a well-established corrugated pipe exporter, Jagannath Industries is also into manufacture of duct accessories like pipe couplers, push fit coupler, end plug, end cap and duct cable sealing plug, warning tape, luminaire and street light pole, electrical panel, safety helmets, safety shoes, safety cones and safety jackets in India. We can supply the finest range of high density polyethylene pipe polymers in various sizes according to the needs of our customers.

Whether it is for underground installation in drainage system or for above the ground electrical fitting requirements, durable pipes are required which are easy to install and as well can show excellent resistance to corrosion and toxic chemicals. Previously, the galvanized metal and cast iron ducts and pipes were used in city wire distribution networks and drainage systems. However, these CI and GI systems did not show the best resistance to corrosion and were usually bit hard to install. Hence, the HDPE sheathing duct systems came into play.

The HDPE corrugated pipes offer the best air and water tightness properties and are the best replacement for conventional galvanized metal ducts or pipes. They are the best ducts offering additional advantages over conventional prestressing properties of the galvanized iron pipes.

Here are a few types of HDPE pipes offered by us for the best protective casing and sewer system applications.

  • Corrugated HDPE Pipe

HDPE corrugated pipes are the most flexible, long lasting and sturdy pipes made from polyethylene, a tough material that can withstand high chemical and environmental stress. These pipes are usually lighter in weight and easier to install due to their flexible structure. They are known for their high strength and best resistance to shocks and extreme pressures.

There are mainly two categories of corrugated HDPE pipes which we offer, the regular single wall corrugated pipe and the extra robust one called the double wall corrugated pipe. While the single wall HDPE corrugated sheathing duct pipe is the best replacement for metallic galvanised ducts, our DWC pipes are tough, extra layered pipes that come with extra rib strength that allows them to take heavy loads and pressures. These pipes are chemically inert, highly stiff yet flexible enough to take bends and curves easily. They are built to be environment friendly and are easy to handle and install with least weight and easy joining abilities. Our HDPE DWC pipe is manufactured according to the set industry standards and makes up for the best water transport pipe to be used in drainage systems, sewer lines and residential pipeline connections, treatment plants, and irrigation and industrial applications.

  • HDPE Corrugated Perforated Pipe

HDPE corrugated perforated pipe is the best for the drainage and sewer systems. These are the high strength corrugated pipes that show excellent physical and chemical properties that are most suitable for the liquid as well as solid waste transportation. One of the main strengths of our HDPE perforated pipes is that they are heat resistive and come with extraordinary leak proof abilities.  With maximum compressive strength, corrosion and frictional resistance, this is the best pipe for the underground installations.

  • HDPE Sewer Pipe

HDPE corrugated sewer pipe is a highly flexible and sturdy pipe that comes with unique ability to support and distribute live and dead loads. They are made out of high-density polyethylene and hence offer excellent chemical inertness and significant long-term advantage over conventional sewer pipes. With a unique flexible design, these pipes have maximum load bearing strength and come with a maximum service life that can extend up to 50 or more than 50 years. Our corrugated drain pipes can perform the best in both high cover and low cover applications and come in a environment friendly design with no leaks or cracks.  They are available in longer lengths and hence, make up for easy, fast and cost effective drainage system installations.