Warning & Caution Tapes: Reduces Work Place Injuries

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Workplace safety is one of the most critical factors that determine the productivity of any facility. The safer the facility, the more dedication can be expected from the worker as they do not have to worry about their wellbeing. There are various government laws that enforce strict workplace safety guidelines and often audits and conducted to ensure the compliance. However, on ethical grounds, it must not make any difference whether or not a company faces compulsion from any authority to maintain workplace safety measure, providing a safe environment to work is the primary responsibility of every facility owner.

There are many ways that facility owners ensure that there are visible signs of health and hazards in their facility and other work sites. One of the primary tools used by employers to indicate any risky zone, health hazard or site of the accident to prevent any untoward situation is “warning tape”.  In this article, we will learn about warning tapes, their importance, different types of warning tapes and quick tips for buying selecting the best Warning Tape Manufacturers in India.

What are warning tapes?

Warning tapes also known as caution tapes or barricade tapes are special tapes that are used to indicate any hazard for health and safety in a facility that involves different mechanical works. They are usually brightly colored and have different warning words like ‘Caution”, “Restricted Entry”, “danger”, etc. printed over them. The primary use of these tapes is to raise an alert on sites that can cause physical harm to individuals working a facility.

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Different types of Warning tapes:

In every facility, there are different situations that need to be identified to ensure no man injury occurs. From faulty machines to open circuits to work under process sites and chemical storage areas, there are many potential hazards that can cause a major accident. To ensure that no workplace injury is recorded, facility owners use caution tapes to mark an area or object hazardous.

To make the demarcation process easier, Warning Tapes Manufacturers make different types of warning tapes that indicate different situations, hazards, and contingencies. These tapes usually differ in their color. It is important that the importance and use of every tape are well understood by every facility owner and health & safety team. Common color code for different warning tapes are:

Red: These warning tapes are used to indicate any electrical power distribution or area where there is a network of transmission lines.

Yellow: The common use of yellow warning tape is indicating areas with oil or gas distribution, & transmission lines, or/and any area where hazardous products are stored.

Blue: Blue warning tape indicates an area with water lines.

Green: sewer lines and plantation is indicated with Green warning tapes.

Orange: any type of technology transmission like telephone, telegraph, and cable television system is highlighted with orange warning tape.

These tapes are always bright and reflective to ensure that they are visible from a distance and in the dark.

Importance of warning tapes:

Every year several injury cases are recorded in Indian facilities. Many of them involve serious injuries while others are declared fatal. To ensure that the workplace is safe and sound, the business owners must take a strict action towards workplace safety. This is important to prevent any workplace accidents as well as contribute towards the use of ethical practices in the industry.

How to find the best Warning Tape Manufacturer?

There are many Warning Tapes Manufacturers in the market that offer all types of warning tapes. However, not all of them offer high quality, cost-effectiveness and competitive advantage. Here is how you identify the best Warning Tapes Manufacturers in the market.

  • The best Warning Tape Supplier will offer you unmatched quality at the best competitive price.
  • Caution Tape Manufacturers that are long in the business are the best as they know the whereabouts of the industry.
  • Safety Caution Tape is a regular requirement of a manufacturing unit and hence you may have to invest a significant amount in buying caution tape. It is recommended to deal with Warning Tape Manufacturers that offer discounts and special prices for bulk orders.
  • Contact a Warning Tape Manufacturer that sells all types of warning tapes, this will save you money, efforts and time.

Safety Caution Tape is a must to use safety object in every organization to ensure optimum workplace safety which ultimately boosts the productivity and profitability of any facility.