DWC The Pipe For Next Generation

Double wall corrugated pipe or Dwc pipe is slowly gaining its popularity for the construction purpose. Most of the companies prefer DWC pipes for the underground drainage system and fibre electric cable network. DWC is a low-cost product with the excellent quality solution. The study revealed that because of its low cost and high lifespan most of the construction companies prefer DWC pipes.

DWC pipes are made of HDPE material and designed to provide cost-effective service to the constructor. The companies which are looking for a replacement of PVC, RCC and GI pipes to lay Fibre Electric Cable and Fibre Optics, DWC pipes are the solution in this regard. With advanced technology and superior design, the DWC pipes provide several advantages in terms of service. The HDPE Double Wall Corrugated pipes are made of high-density polyethene, which has highest life expectancy.

Manufacturing quality:

The DWC pipes are greatly designed to bear the maximum load and help the product to gain maximum longevity. The corrugated shape is highly heat resistant. To manufacture this kind of pipe, very minimal raw material is required, the green piping materials reduce environmental issues greatly. The other advantage of using Dwc pipe India is the lifespan of the material, which is very high that it can stay in the workable condition for more than 40 years. It also reduces the cost of the project because the chances of damages are less.

Advantages of the DWC pipes:

Due to its advantage, the demands for DWC pipes are continuously increasing in India. Let’s have a look at the advantages:

  • The HDPE DWC pipes have longer life than other pipes
  • As because the DWC pipes are made of environment friendly material are good for underground laying, sewer laying and electrical work
  • These pipes are capable to take heavy tension
  • Provide high resistance to corrosion
  • It is easy to bent and easy to join with coupler
  • DWC provides excellent ring stiffness.

The industry is highly depending upon the DWC pipes for its excellent features. Apart from those mentioned features, Double Wall corrugated pipe offers other facilities. The top manufacturers of the country offer the customer the pipe with facilities like rodent properties with no flame propagation. They also offer features on demand like extra inner smooth layer and lubricated inner silicone layer.

There are numerous other Features of DWC pipes and those are:

  • The DWC pipe has different internal and external surface, they are undoubtedly strong and the stiffness is better
  • Made with high density of polyethene which increased the lifespan of the pipe
  • Because the pipes are maintenance free, so they are the best use for water supply, drainage sewerage, sewer treatment plant
  • The pipes are earthquake resistant and unbreakable during natural disaster like earthquake
  • Highly preferable in Hospital, school, colonies, workshop and warehouse drainage system
  • Most preferable for laying electric wire
  • The pipes are coupler snap fit
  • The pipes are very easy to split, compression, Elbow bend, tee and also shrink with heat

Pipes which are made of plastic are very easy to use than the pipes which are made of materials like aluminum, iron, cast iron, copper, steel and concrete because of their low weight ,they are very easy to handle, easy to shift anywhere and resistance to corrosive effect and chemicals. The pipes are mostly use in the areas of water supply, power supply, drainage, agricultural and gas supply as well as cable protection. The analysis of market researchers show that the demand of plastic pipes becoming high in near future. They are gaining demand because world’s topmost construction companies are widely using plastic pipes.