Benefits and Essentials of Putting Utility Wired Underground

Utility wires while being of great use for a house, are also a great spoiler to the face of your property. If you are anyhow planning to remodel your house or starting any other project, burying the utility wires underground to improve workability or update existing services.

Let us discuss some of the benefits of burying utility pies underground:

  1. One trench for multiple utility wires. You can easily put gas, electricity, and telephone and cable wire in a single trench.
  2. It makes it safer to have utility wires installed and prevents any power outrage because of any damage from any broken limb, storm and heavy snowfall.
  3. Decreases the chances of live wire contact.
  4. It also enhances the look of your property by removing any obstacle for a complete view of the property.
  5. With lesser number of overhanging wires, one can reduce the cost of tree pruning.
  6. As the number of penetrations entering the house is limited, there are lower chances of water and insect infiltration.

Underground Conduit:

Simply put, an underground conduit is a tube made of different types of material that are used to capsulate the wiring. A raceway is a passage made specifically to hold the wires or cables. If you are working with underground electrical wiring, you can bury it directly or install it in a raceway. Usually, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conduit is put into use for this purpose. Any underground conduit that is approved for underground installations is allowed to be buried directly. If you need mechanical protection, you can encase it with concrete.


Flexible Underground Cable Ducting cost is different from one project to another. It is estimated to be around $4500 to $ 20,000 depending upon the distance that utilities have to travel underground. However, while you put your utility wires underground it is always better to manipulate a little. Upgrade the wires so that you can easily become future ready if need be.


When you are installing underground utility wire arrangement, you need to dig a trench which will have all the utility wires including gas, electricity, and telecom duct pipe and cable wires. This trench will start from the powerhouse or the pole bearing the wires and will end at your house’s meter.

There are different technical aspects to be considered while digging the trench on your own. Also, before you fill it back, you need to inspect the trench for its depth and the number of the conduit to be installed in it. Use flexible underground Cable Ducting and ensure ultimate safety.

These are the benefits of installing underground conduit for utility wires as well as a few things to know before you start the project. It is surely one way to secure the wiring and at the same time, uplift the face of your property.