Couplers & Ball Valves – The Most Essential Pipe Fittings for Any Piping System

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Pipes are nothing without their essential companions, “The Pipe Fittings”. Yes, this is very true as piping or plumbing systems cannot be made without proper connections and right fitting accessories. Hence, fittings are the most essential accessories for any piping system that needs connecting pipes in different ways to make a complete and reliable liquid flow system.

Whether you need to connect your pipes, seal them or control the flow of liquid in them, you need essential fittings like pipe couplers, end caps, end plugs and ball valves to get the work done. Fittings enable efficient installation, connecting or termination of pipes as required.

Here are a few important things a novice or a beginner needs to know about the essential and widely used fittings in any piping system.

Pipe Coupler

Think you have two pipes of the same diameter to connect in a piping system or you want to enlarge your pipe with another bit of pipe of the same diameter, all you need is to connect them with a right coupling or a pipe coupler. You can connect the pipes in the same direction with a coupling pipe fitting. It’s however not necessary that always the diameter of the connecting pipes be the same. If a pipe is smaller in size or diameter, you can go for the reducers or reducer couplings to satisfy your purpose. PVC pipe coupler is the most widely used and inexpensive varieties of couplers used in piping installations. With a pipe coupler, one can easily connect pipes with pipes, pipes to fittings or sometimes even fittings to fittings for a reliable and desired pipe system installation.

Push-Fit Coupler

While a coupling connects two pipes of similar sizes through soldering, welding or threading mechanisms, a push-fit coupler rather allows for the simplest way of making pipe connections through a push and fit mechanism. Hence, there is no need for any kind of glues, clamps or solders to tight up the fitting onto the pipe and moreover, it can be done in an easier and faster manner. While the push fit couplers are available in different materials in the market, the PVC or plastic push-fit coupler is the most widely used of all of them. The PVC couplers make up the best waterproof sealers against the pipes and are the also the most popular range of irrigation pipe fittings.

Ball Valve

A ball valve is a device with a sphere shaped closure or a hole through the center containing a solid ball. This ball, when in-line, will allow the media to flow through the pipe and stops it when not. Belonging to the family of the quarter-turn valves, a plastic ball valve is a good choice for gas applications, and those where bubble-tight sealing is necessary.

Ball valves are the essential pipe fittings used to regulate or the control the flow through pipes. However, their most common use is to isolate the flows. There are various classifications of ball valves depending on the number of valve ports, seats and their body configurations. While there are two way, three way, four way to five way multiple port valves, there are also top and side entry valves, three way ball valves, single piece ball valve and split body valves. Ball valves are also available in different materials but however, the PVC plastic ball valves are the most widely preferred ones. There are sub categories in the PVC varieties as well like the C-PVC ball valve, UPVC and RPVC ball valves.

The UPVC black solid ball valves are great valves for the agricultural operations as they can provide great control in flow of heavy powders, granular substances as well as heavy liquids. They provide predictable control mechanism and can also withstand great water pressures. A locking long handle solid ball valve is very easy to operate and provides the tightest shut off properties for the best flow regulation.

However, if you need quality fittings for your piping or plumbing system, you need to get them from the top-notch manufacturers who guarantee quality and durability of their pipe fitting accessories.

Jagannath Industries is one such reliable and a renowned coupling manufacturer, supplier and exporter who can provide you with best PVC fittings, couplings, plastic ball valves and various other accessories used in a plumbing or piping system.