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The Push Fit Coupling is one of the easiest ways to connect any combination of Copper, PE-RT, PEX, CPVC or SRD9 HDPE pipes together. It is considered as one of the easiest plumbing fitting options available. Known by several names like HDPE Coupler, Duct Coupler and many others, the Pushfit Duct Coupler requires no soldering etc sorts of methods.
The primary material for Pushfit Duct Coupler is Polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer. Since, the push fit Duct Couplers are made to solve the needs of various fittings in the form of several fittings, which is Polypropylene; these products are manufactured with high quality Polypropylene. It can be quite safely said that the Push-fit fittings are available in various materials, thus serving the different kinds of applications. In fact, almost all types of pipes have corresponding push-fit fittings specifically designed for them.


The manufacturing of the Push Fit Plumbing fittings is being done under various brand names. All the Push Fit Plumbing Couplers, which are manufactured, have the same internal structure. The similar internal structure allows the easy and perfect watertight sealing, when they are pushed into the pipes. Manufactured to serve the easy fittings, these can be used for all purposes, where the coupling is required between two pipes.


As the Pushfit Duct Couplers are easy to use, it holds the tight grip on the future in the plumbing industry. Because of the following facts, the future of the HDPE Coupler is quite bright:
  • Goes with every kind of fittings and coupling
  • No soldering is required and thus the quick work is possible, which is the need of today and future
  • These are being used nowadays in all major urban places
  • Requires no particular skills to use and thus fittings can be done by anyone
  • Just visit home improvement centers and hardware stores, and you will find the easy availability of such Push Fit Ducting.


With the advent of the Pushfit Duct Coupler, the things have changed in the market all over the country. Here are some of the key advantages, which these products hold over their competitors:
  • The speed of making connections in perhaps the biggest benefits as offered by such fittings.
  • Can be used as a great option as Fiber optic Duct Coupler
  • Requires no access panels
  • Once inserted, the stainless steel teeth grip the pipe with the perfect accuracy
  • Higher temperature rating of around 200 degree Fahrenheit
  • These Pushfit Couplers can be easily removed
  • Made of different materials and thus can be used with all products
The wider product line allows all sorts of fittings as HDPE Duct Coupler, PVC Duct Coupler and many others.


The standards with the HDPE Duct Coupler of this kind are set high. The high standards of such fittings are mentioned below:
  • Made acutely and perfectly with the use of high materials
  •  These products are valued at the top in terms of the dependability and durability standards.
  • With high standards, these are low priced and thus perfectly fit the bills.
  • Have the capability to cover the wide consignments of the customers’ needs and demands
  • The most standard product for easy, quick and perfect fittings.

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