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HDPE PLB Duct Pipes or High Density Polyethylene Permanently Lubricated Ducts are the high flow capacity ducts, which offer a very high quality option for the underground laying of optical fiber cable (OFC). These PLB HDPE Ducts are mainly used for the purpose of laying Optical Fiber Cable as underground conduits. The HDPE Telecom Ducts are manufactured with the high density Polyethylene materials. The material, high density Polyethylene offers a great resistance against the heavy earth loads and is a great in offering the impact and crush resistance.

Manufactures – HDPE PLB Duct Pipe

The PLB Duct is manufactured in various colors and sizes. The colors like Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Brown and Grey are some of the prominent colors widely used in the manufacturing of the PLB Duct. At the same time, these HDPE Telecom Ducts come in various sizes like 32/26 mm, 40/33 mm, 50/42 mm. The companies involved in the manufacturing also manufacture the products based on customers’ demands and thus offer a flexibility to the customers for the custom made products.

Futures – HDPE PLB Duct Pipe

The PLB Ducts are regarded with the bright future since the material in use, high density Polyethylene has several advantages. The future of these Pipes can be judged owing to these factors:
  • Available in various sizes, these pipes can be used as per needs and demands
  • Offers excellent flexibility and thus is preferred.
  • Offers a great impact strength and thus is a favorable one for many
  • Designed to house the sensitive nerves of Information technology and thus the ultimate future seems to be bright
  • Already in use over many regions for the purpose of laying optical fiber

Future – HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

The future aspects of the DWC Pipe can be judged from the following facts:
  • Since, the demand of the underground ducting and piping in on the rise in the country, the future of the economical and sustainable ducting is on the rise.
  • The future of the Corrugated pipes of this sort is thus bright, which are highly economical, environmentally safe
  • Offers greater strength and offer better load bearing capability.
  • To add, since they are chemically inert, they hold the best chance to be used in more areas, since they are completely safe, even for the longer use (around 5 years or so).
  • As of now, the industry is still unorganized, but with the growth of the country and its GDP, the advent of the more organized players in the market, will push the future of the HDPE DWC Duct to the new and higher levels.

Advantages – HDPE PLB Duct Pipe

Here are the advantages of the HDPE PLB Ducts, thus making it most suitable for the purpose:
  • Offers a prominent advantage in terms of Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR)
  • Great Impact Resistance
  • Very High Crush Resistance
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Crack proof finishing of the products
  • Light in weight
  • No reaction to the water and thus cleaning can be done easily with just the water stream.
  • High capability to Ultraviolet (UV) protection
  • Can be used for various purposes in the form of under sidewalks, Field dirt trenches between communication centers and between cities
  • Various uses covering needs like branch network between cells, and several distribution cabinets and subterranean networks.


The HDPE PLB pipes are designed as per the standards as laid down by TEC. The manufacturing process of the HDPE PLB ducts offers the following standards:
  • The manufacturing process of the product offers the telecom companies with a great option for optical fiber ducting
  • The features in the form of the high resistance to the crush effect is one of the high standards as set by the HDPE PLB ducts
  • The products meet the high standards as set by the agencies like BSNL QA.
  • The various size ranges in the form of 32/26 mm, 40/33 mm, 50/42 mm
  • Meeting the standards as set by the IS 4984-1995
  • The outer layer of the HDPE Telecom Pipes should conform to the design as set by the IS 7328
  • It should meet the testing requirements as laid down by the IS 2530

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