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HDPE Multi Duct Pipes 7 Way

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Multi-duct HDPE pipes, which come in 2-way, 4-way, and 7-way designs, offer adjustable options for organised and effective utility routing. These conduits, designed to create a dependable and protected environment, are well-suited for a variety of infrastructure applications, ensuring flawless installations with a low chance of harm. Use this series to optimise your utility infrastructure by providing flexibility and long-term durability for a variety of applications. Enhance your utility routing experience with the dependability and versatility of multi-duct HDPE pipes, which provide a solid basis for your infrastructure demands. These bundles typically include 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 Standard Ducts with outer diameters (OD) ranging from 20 to 50 mm, providing flexibility for diverse cable requirements. These multi-duct pipes boast an innovative honeycomb structure that adds an extra layer of strength and resilience to ensure robust cable protection.

Availables Size (HDPE Multi Duct)

Pipe Configuration Sizes OD (MM) Sizes ID (MM)
3 Way 32 26
40 33
50 42
4 Way 32 26
40 33
50 42
7 Way 32 26
40 33
50 42


Time-Efficient Installations: Choose Multi Duct HDPE pipes in 2-, 4-, and 7-way designs for time-efficient cable installations. The revolutionary bundled standard duct design allows many ducts to be installed simultaneously, saving overall installation time.
Durable Cable Conduits: Invest in durable cable conduits with multi-duct HDPE pipes, available in 2-way, 4-way, and 7-way setups. The ruggedised sheathing ensures longevity, making them reliable for various cable management applications.
Reduced Risk of Damage: The reliable and protective nature of these conduits reduces the risk of cable damage during installation or over time. This feature is essential for maintaining the integrity of the cables and ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
Solutions for Smart Cities: Multi Duct HDPE pipes are an ideal solution for Smart Cities and Duct Utility Corridors. The design facilitates easy installation, reduces trench size, and allows for the provision of spare ducts for future requirements, saving on future civil costs.
Protective Environment: These conduits create a safe environment for cables, shielding them from the elements and any damage. The pipes' sturdy structure contributes to the longevity and dependability of the wires stored within.

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