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HDPE PLB Duct Cable Sealing Plug

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HDPE PLB Duct Cable Sealing Plug or the Cable Sealing Plug is the plug for the purpose of sealing ducts during blowing-in. These devices act as a preventive mechanism for the ingress of water, sand and gas within various infrastructure environments. Manufactured with the robustness in mind, the Duct cable Sealing Plug offers the needed protection to the cables during the blowing in etc. With the high tensile strength being offered, the Cable Sealing Plug comes of various types and sizes.

Manufactures – Cable Sealing Plug

The manufacturing of these Cable Sealing Plugs is done in such a way that they serve the different needs of the protection during blowing-ins. Available in various types, like Blank plugs, simplex plugs, minitube plugs and others, these are a perfect fit to serve the purpose. Keeping in mind of the requirement in the form of providing integrity of cable placement and maintenance along with the protection of the long-term investment, the proper sealing around cable in conduits and sub-ducts are highly needed from gas ingress or costly flooding of buildings and even from the sedimentation of the area around the cable and thus the Cable Sealing Plugs of different types are being manufactured.

Futures – Cable Sealing Plug

With the progress of the country moving at a rapid pace, the laying of the fiber cables and other works are in full pace. Here are the key aspects of the Cable Sealing Plug, which makes it an important product meant for the future:
  • These are easily removable and are reusable
  • With the future focused on providing the cheaper and economical alternatives in all spheres, these HDPE PLB Duct Cable Sealing Plugs are the future indeed.
  • They are the most beneficial in preventing the flow of water and with the progress in time, the quality is improving with each passing day.
  • Underground structures can be easily accessed, thus a time saving process
  • With the major focus on laying cables underground, these are the best accessories for the purpose, of the future.

Advantages – Cable Sealing Plug

There are unlimited advantages associated with the Cable Sealing Plug of all kinds:
  • Comes in various types like a Plastic simplex plug, Fiber optic simplex plug, Fiber optic cable Sealing Plug and others
  • Can be removed easily and are reusable
  • Can be easily customized as per user demands and requirements
  • Serving both the purposes; long terms and short terms
  • Offers both the water tight and airtight options
  • The Fiber optic cable Sealing Plug is a corrosion proof product and thus is a long term solution for the sealing needs.
  • Simple installation
  • Crack Proof finishing to meet the best protection and handling of heavy earth loads.
The wider product line allows all sorts of fittings as HDPE Duct Coupler, PVC Duct Coupler and many others.

Standard – Cable Sealing Plug

Trusted widely for the robustness and high strength, these Duct cable Sealing Plugs are manufactured, keeping in mind all standards as laid down by the authority. Here are the high standards as set by these:
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy to handle
  • Available in various standard sizes in the market and thus serving various needs and demands
  • The high stands of these plugs have proved to act as Innovative solutions for various cable installations.
  • Made of standard materials, these serve as the perfect solution to the challenging scenarios of the protection of cables during blowing-ins.

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