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Duct end Plug is an accessory to block/seal conduits in order to reduce the cost of placement and its maintenance during the various projects and other routine daily works. Providing the protection against the inflow of water, these serve to confine the outflow of dangerous gases. The Tear Duct Plugs are of two types; one is semi permanent, while the other is dissolvable. The semi permanent Tear Duct Plug is made of long lasting materials in the form of Silicone, while the dissolvable Tear Duct Plug is typically of materials like Collagens, which the body eventually absorbs in the long run. The material used in the manufacture of the Duct end Plug is being taken care, based on the needs and demands of the clients.


The manufacturing of the Fibre Duct end plug is carried in such a way that both the purposes are being carried out in the easily and more efficient manner. The temporary duct plugs are designed in such a manner that the requirement of the interim sealing of the ducts can be resolved and the needs can be protected from getting damaged. These also serve the purpose of the protection from the weather changes, damage from debris and from any animal inclusion.


The talks regarding the future of the End plug can be summarized in the following ways:
  • The everyday construction is on the increase with each passing day and thus the needs of the end Duct Plugs are on the increase.
  • The Duct end Plug serve the motive of the protection to the costly pipes from any wear to the ends
  • Available at affordable pricing, these End Plugs are quite beneficial to avoid losses and prevent animal inclusions etc from the rear end.
  • The future of these Tear Duct Plugs is very bright, as more people are more alert in using the ways of protection of the ducts.
  • With the technological advancement, there are several innovations in the form of expandable basket, which allows expansion and contraction of cables with any leakage

Advantages Of Duct End Plug

There are several advantages of the Tear Duct Plugs, which makes it one of the most loved accessories for the purpose. Here are some of the few benefits as mentioned:
  • Available in 11 sizes, there is no dearth of options meeting different needs and demands
  • The types of Ducts end Plugs, either dissolvable  or semi permanent, serves the purpose with ease, based on your needs
  • Are capable to withstand extreme fluctuation in temperature
  • Are highly capable to withstand extreme adverse climatic conditions
  • Eliminates duct-edge abrasion to cables
  • Offers Excellent support to cables at the tops of risers
The wider product line allows all sorts of fittings as HDPE Duct Coupler, PVC Duct Coupler and many others.


The standards of the Tear Duct Plugs are very high, considering the usage factor. Here are the high standards, as set by these Duct end Plugs:
  • All the types of the products in the category comes water tight and gas tight
  • These are removable and reusable
  • Available in various sizes, these have the standard case size and case weight
  • With the availability of loop nuts and wing nuts, the options are huge with Duct end Plug
  • The standardized products come to serve the purpose very effectively.

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