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DWC Pipes or Double Wall Corrugated Duct Pipes are the ones, which are manufactured from the HDPE Materials and are designed specially to provide the cost effective solutions to the people, who are looking for the replacement of GI, RCC and PVC Pipes for the purpose of laying Fibre Electric Cable networks and Fibre optics. These DWC Pipes are far more superior in terms of technicality and holds several advantages over the other pipes currently in use.
Made from the HDPE Materials, the DWC Pipe are popularly known as the HDPE DWC Pipes. The basic manufacturing materials involved in the production of the HDPE double wall corrugated pipes are the High-density polyethylene, which have the highest life expectancy.

Availables Size (DWC Pipes)

Sizes OD/ID Length
40 mm / 32 mm 100/200/500 Mtrs.
50mm / 38 mm 100 Mtrs.
63mm / 50 mm 6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.
77mm / 63 mm 6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.
90mm / 75 mm 6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.
110mm / 95 mm 6 Mtrs. & 30 Mtrs.
120mm / 103.5 mm 6 Mtrs.
125mm / 107 mm 6 Mtrs.
160mm / 136 mm 6 Mtrs.
180mm / 163 mm 6 Mtrs.
200mm / 175 mm 6 Mtrs.
300mm / 260 mm 6 Mtrs.

Manufacturing – HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

The manufacturing of the HDPE DWC pipes is done in a way such that the products gain maximum longevity and bears the maximum load. The manufacturing process involves the usage of green piping material in order to provide environmental sustainability. Also, the design philosophy of the production of the HDPE DWC Ducts is to provide the suitable properties and the needed safety for the longer time, which allows the most satisfactory working for maximum time and ranging up to 50 years. The companies involved in the production of such HDPE double wall corrugated pipes conforms to the IS guidelines as laid and thus offer the best economical way to the sewage and other such needs for the longer duration. Meeting the IS 14930 standard, the companies adhere to the production of best HDPE DWC pipes.

Future – HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipes

The future aspects of the DWC Pipe can be judged from the following facts:
  • Since, the demand of the underground ducting and piping in on the rise in the country, the future of the economical and sustainable ducting is on the rise.
  • The future of the Corrugated pipes of this sort is thus bright, which are highly economical, environmentally safe
  • Offers greater strength and offer better load bearing capability.
  • To add, since they are chemically inert, they hold the best chance to be used in more areas, since they are completely safe, even for the longer use (around 5 years or so).
  • As of now, the industry is still unorganized, but with the growth of the country and its GDP, the advent of the more organized players in the market, will push the future of the HDPE DWC Duct to the new and higher levels.

Advantages – Double Wall Corrugated Duct Pipe

The Double Wall Corrugated Duct Pipes come with several advantages which are listed as below:
  • The HDPE DWC pipes have the longer life span
  • Since, these are made from materials, which are environmentally safe, they are better suited for Sewer treatment plants
  • Are capable of taking heavy earth loads
  • Offer a very high resistance to corrosion
  • The HDPE DWC Ducts offer excellent ring stiffness

DWC Pipe Specification

The standard of the Double wall corrugated pipe is very high among all other ducts and pipes. The standards of the HDPE DWC Ducts are mentioned as below:
  • Since, they have different external and internal surfaces; they offer more strength and better stiffness.
  • Made with the High-density polyethylene, the talks of the life expectation are a stupid one.
  • Being maintenance free, they are the most reliable and perfect to use in the Sewerage water drainage, Sewer treatment plants, earthquake prone areas
  • Quite preferred in Buildings, Hospitals, Workshops and Colonies where the Drainage & Sewerage needs are.
  • Meeting the IS 14930 standard, these HDPE double wall corrugated pipes are the perfect ones in the use and will have greater and stronger footholds in the future.

Joints & Fittings (DWC)

Our manufacturing Facility for Offering IP 67 Standard DWC pipes Joints & Fittings as listed below:
  • Couplers Snap-fit
  • Split
  • Compression
  • Heat Shrink
  • Elbow / Bend
  • Tee

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