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Warning Tapes

The Warning tapes, or the Caution tapes, or the barricade tapes are the ones, which are used to warn or catch the attention of the workers, or by passers of the area possibly bearing danger, or the situation containing any possible hazard to life. These Warning Tape, thus serve as the life saver in many dangerous situations. Made of HDPE Sheet, LDPE sheet tape & PP Sheets, the Caution Tapes have a good low temperature resistance. These RJIL Warning Tapes are made of the durable, resilient and tear proof materials in the form of the nylon, polyethylene or polypropylene and have a noticeable thickness.

Manufactures – Warning & Caution Tape

The manufacturing of the Reliance warning tape is carried in such an order that the final product as obtained have the thickness of at least 2 mm and is around 3 inches wide. The Warning tape, however, can be manufactured depending on the needs and demands of the buyers and can be customized as per needs. The Idea warning tape, whatever the name you know it, comes in various colors and various patterns. The strips bearing black and yellow color or the ones having a yellow plain line are the most common RJIL Warning Tapes or the hazard tapes.

Futures – Safety Warning Tape

The future of the Hazard Tapes is on the increase with each passing day. Here are some aspects of the Construction tapes:
  • With the increase in the construction scenario in this modern life, the need of the construction tapes is on increase.
  • The need to caution people over the dangers is on the rise to provide the society with the safe environment.
  • With the increase in traffic, the need of the traffic tapes is also on the rise.
  • With the advent of modern technological world and the increase in the machinery usage, the need of the caution informing people of defective machinery is high with the use of defective machinery tapes.
  • The future of the tapes of these types is a bright one, with the text being mentioned on the tapes indicating the kind of danger.

Advantages – Red and Yellow Warning Tape

The advantages of Caution Tapes are mentioned below:
  • Stressing the danger to the nearby people
  • Improving the visibility of dangers and risks
  • With the standard colors and text, notifying people of sorts of dangers
  • Totally environmental friendly
  • Non toxic to humans and animals


The standard tapes, meant to serve the various issues related to danger or caution or any nearby warnings to be issued to the people. Here are some standards of warning tapes:
  • The standard tapes come in various forms and various colors
  • The text mentioning sort of messages like ‘CAUTION BURIED FIBER OPTIC LINE BELOW’, ‘CAUTION BURIED GAS LINE BELOW’ or ‘CAUTION BURIED ELECTICAL LINE BELOW’ are some of the texts
  • The standard tapes are around thickness of at least 2 mm and is around 3 inches wide
  • Standard color: Red, white for Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment
  • Standard color: Black, white for Housekeeping and Aisle Marking
  • Standard color: Magenta, yellow for Radiation Hazards
  • Standard color: Green, white for Safety and First Aid
  • Standard color: Blue, white for Defective Machinery
  • Standard color: Orange, white for Traffic and Caution Warning
  • Standard color: Black, yellow for Physical Hazards