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SWC Pipes

SWC Pipes or Single walled corrugated pipes are the HDPE sheathing Ducts, which are primarily used as the Sheathing Ducts for the purpose of the internal bonding at the post tensioning and is used for the projects like Flyovers, Bridges and offshore platforms. They are the ones, which are also used in the other projects like Via Ducts, tunnels and in the construction of underpasses and many electrical projects in the form of Street lightening and metro track lights. High Density Polyethylene, the materials being used in the manufacture of a SWC Pipe offers a great flexibility to the SWC Pipes. Along with the flexibility, the High Density Polyethylene offers the stiffness and is considered to be great in terms of bond creation with the concrete, thus making HDPE sheathing Duct as the perfect product for serving the construction of Flyovers, Bridges and others.

Availables Size (SWC)

Available sizes of HDPE Sheathing Ducts
Sizes OD/ID Thickness Length
50mm / 39 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
63mm / 50 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
78mm / 63 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
92 mm / 75 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
97 mm / 85 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
110mm / 95 mm 2mm/2.5mm 30 Mtrs.
120mm / 103 mm 2mm/2.5mm 6 Mtrs.
125mm / 105 mm 2mm/2.5mm 6 Mtrs.
160mm / 136 mm 2mm/2.5mm 6 Mtrs.

Manufactures – Single Walled Corrugated Pipes

The manufacturing of the HDPE single wall corrugated pipe is done in such a way that the products finally manufactured, achieves the highest quality in terms of several factors. The manufacturing process of the Single wall corrugated pipes is done in such a way that the industry standard is met, with the achievement of the high stiffness and flexibility. During the manufacturing process, several tests in the form of Raw Material test, Test on Duct and system approval test are being carried out.

Future – Sewerage & Drainage Pipe

The future of the Single wall corrugated pipe, a primary product for Sewerage & drainage pipe has the brightest future. The future of the product can be adjudged by the following facts:
  • These products are already a part of the major projects of the country like Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Konkan Railways
  • These products have successfully replaced the earlier favorites, Metallic Duct Sheathings.
  • The SWC HDPE pipes will hold wider significance in the future with several people holding seminars and workshops on the issue of corrosion. The notable part is that the Single wall corrugated pipes offer a great corrosion protection.
  • Since, the joining is very easy, the future is extremely bright.
  • The focus of the future is the speedy construction in the nation, which these HDPE sheathing Ducts are capable of owing to the presence of fever joints.

Advantages – SWC Pipe

The HDPE sheathing Duct provides several advantages over its contemporary pipes. Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of a Single wall corrugated pipe:
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Easy joining capability
  • Ability to offer a good bonding with the concrete
  • Ability to regain its original shape
  • Economical in installation, easy to install and handling
  • Offers speedy installation because of fewer joints
  • Greatly improves the fatigue life of concrete bridges and flyovers


The companies involved in the production of such HDPE Corrugated Sheathing Ducts, HDPE Sewage Pipe offer a high quality at the final ones. Here are the standards as mentioned:
  • Lower values of wobble co-efficient (k) than metallic ducts
  • Lower friction co-efficient (µ) than metallic ducts
  • As per standards, it is capable of regaining its original shape
  • Made with the High Density Polyethylene
  • The standard manufacturing of the product offers economical installation
  • The standard specifications as per Fib Bulletin 7: 2000, IRC: 18-2000, IRS Concrete Bridge Code-1997(Addendum and Corrigendum Slip No. 5) and NPCIL: PP/M/1721

Joints & Fittings (SWC)

  • Couplers Snap-fit
  • Heat Shrink
  • Tee
  • Grout Vent