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Q1.What is your specialization in the material of pipe, you are manufacturing?

=> We are the manufacturers of high quality HDPE, PE pipes and fittings and other such products.

Q2. Kindly let me know, what’s the largest outer diameter for pipes?

=> The largest outer diameter is around 1200mm (PE pipe), which we manufacture.

Q3. What is the expected shelf life in normal case?

=> Our HDPE meets the quality guidelines as laid down by AASHTO M-252 or M-294 and is manufactured with carbon black coloration, thus providing needed protection to the material from UV degradation.

With around 3 years of protection life ensured with the Carbon black to protect exposed HDPE pipe, there is no change in tensile properties from UV effects. The protection from UV Effects is done from earth cover, as soon as it gets installed. While, the exposed ends of pipes are located in areas, where there is little or no tensile stress (due to no overburden), and thus there is no consideration for UV effects, at all.

Q4. What is the Delivery Time?

=> The delivery time is the quickest in the market. You can get in touch with us over your requirements.

Q5. What is the entire list of Products, you manufacture?

=> We indulge ourselves in the manufacturing of DWC Pipes, SWC Pipes, Polyamide Conduit, HDPE PLB Duct, Push Fit Coupler, Duct And Plug,Cable Sealing Plug, Warning Tape etc

Q6: Any reputed Prestressing Company using your Products?

=> We have a huge list of reputed clients like Freyssinet, Dynamic Prestress & contractors/clients like Gammon India, Indian Railways, etc., which have approved our products and are using it.

Q7: Your customer Service Details?

=> We are always available for you. We have the sales representatives, which are fluent in languages, you speak. You will be best supported by us!

Q8: How can I inquire about your Products?

=> You can get in touch with us either through our given contact numbers or through Contact us/Inquiry Form.

Q9: How to get Product Details?

=> We will provide you the Product details in full, once we receive your inputs over requirements.

Q10: What if I am not satisfied over the quality of Products, I received?

=> Contact us and we will look into the matter and will help you in the best possible manner!