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Cable Protectors

Jagannath Industries is another new introduction by Cable Protection Channels, made from polyolefin, are manufactured from single mold injection process which results in excellent finished product. These cable channels have high strength and yet, are light weight and easy to carry. Applications of Cable Channels are in Traffic Signaling, Railway yard cable networks, Railway platforms cabling, bridges, levels/road crossings etc.


  • Cable Channel is used to protect signal & communication cables which are subject to changes & extensions against external influences.
  • All the type of sensitive cables must be protected from outside influences.
  • For this purpose plastic cable ducts have been developed as a substitute for the conventionally used concrete cable ducts mainly used in the past.
  • By virtue of the material and design incorporated in Cable Channe, it has substantial advantages as compared to concrete trenches / channels .


  • Polyolefin Cable Channels are manufactured from Polyolefin, which provides it with the required strength.
  • Manufactured by a single mold Injection Molding Process, resulting excellent finished product.
  • Detachable Covers for facilitating regular inspection and monitoring of cables.

Application of Underground Cable Protection

Underground Signal & Communication lines on Railway routes, Power Plants & Industrial cable installation.

  • Railway
  • Industrial Units
  • Power Plants
  • Port & Airports
  • Special Application
  • Platform Areas
  • Level crossings
  • Crossings
  • Bridges
  • Flyovers
  • Crossings
  • Solar 


  • Environmental friendly and 100% recyclable plastic
  • Simple, speedy Installation and Low Maintenance Costs
  • Effective monitoring and maintenance due to detachable lids. Re-digging is unnecessary
  • Suitable for below ground and overground installation
  • Lower labor requirement
  • Future cables addition in same channel possible